Saturday, 7 May 2011

Oh Yeah?

Calgary Herald: Harper's not so scary after all.
“You can see in him some change. He’s no longer scary. He no longer has a hidden agenda, and I think we all* believe that now,” said Frank Atkins, a friend of Harper and adviser on his master’s thesis, which examined whether incumbent governments spent money to buy votes as elections neared**.

This video was shot in September 2009. A year and a half ago.

It inspired the group PROUD TO BE A MEMBER OF THAT "LEFT-WING" FRINGE GROUP CALLED WOMEN, which has ^NOT^ declared: 'Oh, well, then. Guess we should just go back to minding our knitting.'

Happy Mother's Day.

*If 'all' is defined as 40%.
**I didn't know the subject of this 'trained economist's' thesis. How long is this thesis? Longer than one word?

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Beijing York said...

Useless media.

On CBC's The House, they had some pundit describing the "changed" Harper. How now he has learned that he needs to soften his positions and that he is a very thoughtful man who keenly loves this country.

Once again, the media is doing Harper's bidding and already campaigning on his behalf for the next election.

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