Saturday, 9 April 2011

"We obviously apologize to them."

Prime Minister Stephen Harper with PC candidate Julian Fantino speaking event in one Vaughan residence backyard and home on April 7, 2011.

If any woman feels abused by any of our messages that's there to influence her vote, we obviously apologize to her. Our interest is in grabbing as many female votes as we can.

The above, inspired by Contempt leader Harper's boilerplate fake apology below, is unlikely to be uttered by Stevie Spiteful.
“If anybody is kept out of any of our events that’s there to hear our message, we obviously apologize to them. Our interest is in having as many people out to hear our message as we can.”
From here. On Thursday the Contempt Party's slavering band of hyenas and jackals (aka the ex-PMOpolitburo) lamely attempted to capture the female vote. They took words from former maverick judge John Reilly's, twisted them out of context and armed Rent-a-Thug Fantino with a message crafted to provoke anger.

[...]the Conservative candidate in Vaughan said the incident is proof the Liberals are “soft on crime.” “The trauma that’s inflicted on any victim by any type of crime, it can’t be downgraded,” Fantino said during a campaign event [...] “Sexual offences of any kind are totally and absolutely unacceptable. I don’t know how anybody could have any tolerance whatsoever for any type of crime, let alone these sexual offences,” Fantino said.

As with everything the Con job organizers have done so far in their elxn41 campaign, the explosion it caused was not the one they intended.

Former Toronto Chief of Police Fantino, preaching about trauma inflicted upon female victims of sexual violence? Women remember that under his *leadership* cops deliberately used women as bait to try to catch the Scarborough rapist. It took a very public and acrimonious court case initiated by 'Jane Doe' to ensure that Fantino's officers registered complaints, investigated them competently and processed them in a manner that respected the provisions of the Criminal Code - and the complainants.

Then this piece in the Toronto Sun was planted to reflect badly upon the Lib leader but backfired instead on the Contempt party's spin jackals.
Until she becomes a citizen, [Zsuzzana] Zsohar cannot vote or hold some government jobs. Liberal party spokesman Michel Liboiron said Zsohar is a landed immigrant “but applied for her Canadian citizenship as soon as she was eligible.” She “is waiting in the queue like every other new Canadian for her application to be reviewed,” he said. Zsohar, 64, holds Hungarian and British citizenships.
Even the Con's regular stenographer was revulsed by the raw ReformaTory anti-immigrant bile that spewed forth; Jane Taber produced a sane response to the attack.

The Contempt party keeps dropping the ball as it licks it chops over the MASSIVE demographics of undecided female voters. Its war-room underestimates the collective memories and accumulated anger of women when it deploys a strategy that casts Stevie Peevie as a younger version of a *new & improved* Mike Harris.

BTW, here's the money quote & the real reason Reilly was attacked by Harper's mercenary hyenas (again, from here):

[...]what motivated me to just resign my position and run in this election is that I was disgusted by the Conservative government policies that have all these mandatory minimums. And I see those policies as policies that will incarcerate thousands of people that don't need to be incarcerated, and the cost is billions of dollars. And of course, the other thing that motivated me is that the party was found to be in contempt of parliament because they had these policies and also their F-35 policies that were going to cost the taxpayers of Canada billions of dollars and they were trying to pass that legislation without telling us how much it was going to cost.

The Contempt party tried to manipulate women to demand the withdrawal of Reilly's candidacy. Didn't work, and their mendacious tactic was exposed.

Un grand merci to constant reader/commenter k'in whose links made me look closely at the Reilly brouhaha.


Kev said...

Thanks for pointing me to the Reilly transcript it certainly puts things in a different perspective.

Alison said...

Kev, it always helps to have all the facts. I was initially appalled by what the media said about Mr. Reilly, but when I read the entire exchange, I definitely agree he should continue to run.

Luna said...

And that apology was farfetched too. "...that’s there to hear our message" Uh huh. In other words, we think those people were shit disturbers, and not actually there to hear our message (how fundie does that sound?!) so we kicked them the fuck out.

Okay, so these bastards want Reilly to drop out, and they're calling for Iggy to boot him. Until they ask the judge *they* appointed, Robert Dewar, who said that a young woman's rape had "the characteristics of a clumsy Don Juan", then they don't have a leg to stand on.

Kev said...

Alison,Agreed. Sometimes though I can get lazy,so it's good to occasionally be reminded to make the effort

deBeauxOs said...

Thanks for the reminder, Luna. I wanted to add a link to a past blogpost about justice Robert Dewar then forgot.

Here's also a recent news item about rapist Rhodes trying to use the judge's words to overturn his conviction.

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