Monday, 25 April 2011

Strategic Voting Link-Fest

In Canada during every election, strategic voting comes up, with people arguing passionately on either side.

Well, things are different this time. Strategic voting has never had the Internet and social media backing that it does now. Canadians are connected as never before and many of them clearly see the threats that a Harper majority represents.

And some people have been working for months to get ready for this.

A member of CRUSH, Michele MacKay, has been on it.
GREAT NEWS FOR STRATEGIC VOTING! I have just finished comparing both Catch 22 and Project Democracy riding by riding, and they have picked the same candidate in every single riding except one (Beauport-Limoilou.) The fact the two sites arrived at the exact same picks completely independently of the other proves they're solid: We can take them to the polls!

IMPORTANT NOTE: the riding projections are up to date on PD, but they are still in the process of updating their candidate picks. Meantime, look ONLY at the riding projections.

Both sites are recommending we check back in May before we go out to vote because things can still change in the last week.

Also, some are too close to call. Yet.

Other helpful sites include Election Prediction Project, which has 61 ridings too close to call.

ThreeHundredEight is tracking polls.

The CAW is following 50 key ridings.

And the ReformaTories are focussed -- when they're not focussed on the economy of course -- on 30 seats.

One more to round out this strategic voting link-fest: Swing 33 has identified 33 ridings where a financial donation could help tip the scales.

Final point: if you vote in one of these swinging ridings, wait until eday. Things change.


Nadine Lumley said...

Top 10 Kick-Ass Election Sites
These social networks and websites (and many others) are the best thing to come out of this election!

fern hill said...

Thanks, Nadine, forgot that one. Click.

Luna said...

Project Democracy still isn't calling Esquimalt Juan de Fuca. Catch 22 has been endorsing the NDP. I wish they'd get together on this!

fern hill said...

Must be awful to be in a 'too close to call' riding, Luna. I'd be biting my nails down to the quick. Maybe talk to like-minded neighbours and friends? See which way the wind is blowing.

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