Sunday, 24 April 2011

How Deranged Are TeaBaggers?

This deranged.
9/11 Heroes To Be Subjected To FBI Review For Terrorist Connections

It may be both the peak of paranoia and the ultimate insult to those who showed their mettle on the day of - and the days that followed – the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

As the result of an amendment attached to a law that – after years of Congressional battling – finally provides benefits and relief to those who are suffering any number of serious illnesses and disabilities in return for their good works on that terrible day and the clean-up effort that followed, 9-11 responders will not be eligible to collect these benefits until an FBI check confirms that they are not terrorists.


But wait. It gets even more insane.
It should be noted that the Stearns amendment was accepted only after the GOP attempted to attach anti-abortion and other like amendments in a perverse effort to force Democrats to either vote against the bill or swallow GOP social agenda items as the price of getting the 9-11 responders the help they deserve.

The author, Rick Ungar, then sniffs:
Playing politics with the 9-11 heroes takes a very special type of politician – a politician like Cliff Stearns.

Playing politics with heroes and women's rights at the same time?


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JJ said...

Yep, nothing screams "LIBERTY!" like dumping on the Heros of 9/11 in exchange for state policing of the wombs of the nation.

Hey baggers, how's that "small government" thing working out for you?

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