Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Harper is absolutely right.

People in places like Welland will indeed desperately need their guns for hunting.

And with the rising levels of unemployment, as manufacturing company after branch plant close their doors, folks in rural ridings may well be forced to hunt game weekly to put food on the table for their families.

Were they so relieved about his championing their right to shoot squirrels, groundhogs and wild turkey that they barely noticed the Contempt Party leader driving his ATV, oblivious to the harsh reality of those 800 JD workers who lost their jobs last year when John Deere ran out of town and closed the farm-machinery plant?

More about job losses in Welland, here.

May those who vote for the Con candidate and Harper's Contempt Party think of them with every bite of their weasel pie.

And, what is it with Stevie Spiteful's overweening need to stamp his personal brand on everything? Is that an Albertan thing or more likely, a symptom of his unbridled egotism?


Sixth Estate said...

I've heard (and it is only a rumor) that a registered gun can still fire a bullet. :-)

deBeauxOs said...

Gosh! Are you sure?

Beijing York said...

Notice that his egotistical branding has no mention of the Contempt Party's legal name, Conservative Party of Canada.

My guess is that in addition to his huge EGO, he has absolutely nothing but CONTEMPT for the parliamentary "party" system as well as CONTEMPT for Canada. Those two words are meaningless to him.

Alison said...

Where is a graffiti vandal when you need one. A large NOT inserted next to the 'here for you' would be great to see. It sure beats rifle sights on signs.

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