Thursday, 7 April 2011

Do Not Vote Strategically

Unless you are prepared to spend a few minutes informing yourself. As Anonymous says here.
I'm sometimes shocked that even some progressives @ PB are talking out of their asses. You want to get rid of Harper, then vote strategic, but at least know what your doing!

Again, here are a couple of websites to get information: Catch 22 Harper Conservatives and Swing 33.

And if your vote really doesn't matter a damn -- as in most places in Alberta -- consider throwing a couple of bucks towards the Pirate Party by voting for them.

Or some other shit-disturbing entity of your choice.


Luna said...

I'm in Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca. It's going to be a really interesting match to watch here because the Liberal incumbent only beat the Con by 68 votes last time, and he's not running again. The new Liberal is a city councillor for Langford, and she's been very popular. HOWEVER, the Cons poured a ton of money into this riding, building a new addition the seniors' centre and a few other things. At least one of the seniors I talked to says she won't vote Con because "If they think they can buy my vote with their pandering nonsense they're crazy!" :D I told her I wish everyone was as smart as her. She said she's telling everyone not to vote Con because they're going to screw their children so bad, they won't be able to afford to keep them in their homes any more. LOL! Love that lady.

fern hill said...

Luna: pols underestimate the people at their peril.

Here's the Catch 22 group for your riding. Share your story. Buck up the troops.

West End Bob said...

fern hill:

Thanks for the link to the Pirate Party! As it happens, they're running an interesting candidate in my Vancouver Centre riding - Too bad I can't vote yet! As it is, though, it's nice to see an alternative to the non-choice we have this election . . . .

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