Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Did Con candidates pack the crowd?

On Tuesday the Contempt party held a multi-candidate (all-Cons) in St-Agapit, Québec. From here:
Natural Resources Minister Christian Paradis, Harper’s Quebec lieutenant and MP for Mégantic-L’Érable, said the Bloc reflects Montreal’s trendy Plateau Mont-Royal and Duceppe only agrees with those who think like him, saying that means defending criminals and illegal immigration. “We don’t think like you,” Paradis said, addressing the absent Duceppe.
Jacques Gourde, the local MP for Lotbinière-Chutes de la Chaudière riding, introduced the Conservative senators and candidates, as well as [André] Arthur, who has been the independent MP for Portneuf-Jacques-Cartier riding in Quebec City’s suburbs since 2006, but votes with the Conservatives.
While a number of same-old same-old declarations were uttered, the main purpose of this event was to shout down accusations the Contempt Party screens out registered participants who might be *undesirable*. And to pack those pre-screened bodies into a crowded venue, so that ex-PMOpolitburo Attack Parrot Dimitri Soudas had something to say - over and over again, whatever the question posed by CBC reporter Louise Elliot.

This was another staged photo opp for Contempt leader Harper, a purported MASSIVE crowd to cheer him up, providing more and more pix for more *patriotic* Con election ads that are ∧NOT attacks on the former Opposition parties. This one is an odious visual hagiography of Emperor Stevie Spiteful. Who knew he played a role in winning WWII?

Here's a wrap-up of the Contempt Party's classic Rovian crowd control tactics and an upbeat antidote:
Conservatives [...] don’t want activists sneaking in with hidden placards and disrupting the political homogenity of the crowd. So here’s my idea: We do exactly that. We justify their fear. If Dimitri Soudas’ fears are realized then he will have no choice but to continue to screen campaign event attendance, which will continue to make the Conservatives look bad. The side-benefit is that we get to break up the meaningless hyper-partisan campaign events that are taking away from discussion of the real issues in this election.
So if Harper or a Conservative cabinet minister shows up in your town, do whatever you can to get into his event, then make a scene. It could be a big scene or a small scene, but make sure that his staffers know you were there. Let’s push [...]

Bonus: delightful YouTube animation


Beijing York said...

Very clever and effective!

Niles said...

Aw, c'monnnnn.

Harper is just training everyone into doing as his mentors demand. Running things American Republican style.

From his action-hero drama film trailer, complete with stirring orchestral music (which annoys me personally, since I collect in the theme of incidental music groups) which is a clone of the American Pawlenty ad (compassionate warrior!!) (Who writes this shit!!? He's Johnny Canuck, who punched Hitler out? which would explain how Harper won ww2)... his upfront labeling on the side of his plane. which reads "Harper Canada" in red, white and blue with little squiggly extra bits around the sides to frame it.(sorry, but that design is very deliberate)

Besides, according to all the righteous commentors on the stories about Ms Awish et co, she's nothing but a university rabble rouser and she should have been in classes. And was part of a set up by the Liberals to make the Conservatives look bad. And was going to be a suicide thronger. And is a liar. And is a whiner. And is a non-story. And is a statistical blip. And the Liberals and NDP do it too. And who cares, so many people are going to vote Conservative this doesn't matter.

Some days, it's all Altemeyer's Authoritarians all the time.

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