Thursday, 28 April 2011

Desperate times call for desperate means.

A photo op of a stage[d] kiss to capture the *women's* vote?

Different angle, same motive.

WTF knows or cares what's going through Stevie Peevie's mind.

And might Laureen be thinking that if she doesn't follow to the exact letter those instructions the Cons' war-room strategists gave her, she'll never see her children again?

Do you have a caption for the first or second photo? Please post it in the comments.


Unknown said...

He's looking towards the American side of the falls. Of COURSE he's got a woody!

Bleatmop said...

Caption for either: Witness the horror of the Dementor's kiss.

Or something like that.

Alison said...

Laureen: Yuck, can't wait to wipe my mouth...

double nickel said...

First Kiss (this year).

Beijing York said...

First: "We're pretty high up here. You wouldn't want to fall over, would you?"

Second: [Strengthening his grip while snarling.] "Surely you can do better than that, Laureen."

Anonymous said...

*Now* do I get a Senate seat?

interesting CAPTCHA was junfack or maybe Jack (Layton) Fun ?

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