Thursday, 21 April 2011

Bev Oda: Canadian trend-setter ...

or ∧NOT?

In the Excited States, a governor who vetoed hundreds of bills that his legislature passed announced that he's seeking his party's support to run for president.
Self-made millionaire and former two-term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson said on Thursday he will seek the Republican nomination for U.S. president in 2012. As a state governor, Johnson pushed for lower taxes and lower government spending, and set records by vetoing some 750 pieces of legislation.[...]

Johnson mentioned President Barack Obama just once, saying he supports repealing Obama's health care overhaul legislation. But he also criticized Republicans, saying they also are to blame for out-of-control spending. He said he opposed the Iraq war from the start and though he initially supported the war in Afghanistan, he no longer believes American troops should be there.

He also supports legalizing marijuana as a way to eliminate much of the violence along the Mexico border.
The US political scene is almost as entertaining as Canada's, whenever the focus is on polarizing, headline-seeking, RWNJ-placating personalities.

By the way, a veto is just a formal ∧NOT.

However. A vote is a vote is a vote is a vote. Do it! Advance polling starts tomorrow, and even if you didn't receive your card in the mail, call Elections Canada to find out where and how you can vote.


fern hill said...

Interesting guy. And he's pro-choice. That'll make some heads explode.

deBeauxOs said...

That fits. He's also pro-gay & lesbian rights, SSM - about as close as one can get to a *true* libertarian, in the Excited States.

Anonymous said...

We are working hard to unseat Oda.

I have watched her closely in two events and the mention of "NOT" causes her an involuntary twitch. She was probably a dupe for Harper.

She's got to go.


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