Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sarah Palin's Downward Spiral

Is that not a splendid headline about The $arah©™ Palin©™?

From here:
Palin's favorability among Republicans — not support for a presidential candidacy; but merely whether they like her — has usually been in the 70s or 80s, well above other prominent party members. But now it's in the 50s, right down there with the other sad sacks[...] So now intensity of support among primary voters, the only reason a Sarah Palin presidential candidacy has been taken with the least bit of seriousness, isn't much of a factor anymore. They prefer Mitt Romney, an abortion-loving plastic liberal from Taxachusetts, more than Sarah Palin.
And also. Too:
Here's a brief history of Sarah Palin's relationship with the establishment Republican party and its supporters in the press: They sat on their hands after John McCain picked her as vice president because she was able to fire up a despondent base; they continued to sit on their hands in the two years leading up to the 2010 elections because Palin raised tons of money while mobilizing the Tea Party; and now that that's over, they don't want her to run for president because she's an embarrassment to the nation and clearly incapable of doing the job even if she were to somehow win, which she won't.

But they can't just call her an incompetent joke in public. The base would rush to her defense! So instead they come up with meek, over-intellectualized excuses for why they don't like her and want her to disappear forever.
Best of all, now that The $arah©™ Palin©™ is shedding supporters faster than true pit bulls lose the lipstick, more ... dare we say? ... realistic and not-so flattering pix of her are popping up on the web.

Sarah Palin's Downward Spiral of Republican Support

Like this one, f'rinstance. Eh.


The Mound of Sound said...

dBO, this news truly saddens me. Spalin was the best hope for a real, skinnin' knife showdown between conservative Republicans and the Tea Party types. The ideological violence would have been a spectacular show and a no-lose contest. If she lost it would leave a disgruntled Tea Party contingent, bitter at mainstream (lamestream) Republicans. If she won it would have meant easy pickings for Obama and the Dems. With Spalin out of the picture it only helps the Repugs and makes life harder for Obama.

fern hill said...

But MoS, the union fight-back and recalling of TeaBaggers shows that some Merkins are waking up. It's nothing but good for the Democrats.

J. A. Baker said...

And in further news, Snowflake Snooki is less popular among independents than Charlie Sheen. She's bi-WINNING!

JJ said...

JAB - I'd much rather see Charlie Sheen as President than SaWah. At least he's amusing, in a demented, drug-addled kind of way.

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