Monday, 14 March 2011

Pro-choice in Egypt

There's been much discussion since January 25th about the role of women in a democratically engaged Egypt. During the peaceful, millions-strong demonstrations in Cairo's Tahrir Square and across the country, women participated next to their confrères.

Unfortunately last week, the ugly despotic face of institutionalized gynophobia appeared in the form of thugs sent to harass women demonstrating in Tahrir.

The fight to achieve human rights for all - women and men - is ongoing in Egypt, just as women as experiencing push-back in many countries around the world, including Canada.

And now that Stockwell Day is abandoning the Harper Regime, who will Faytene "Serena Joy" Kryskow use as her wing man when she flashes her *all-access-pass* on Parliament Hill to lobby politicians and advance her evangelical cause?

On a deeper optimistic note, here's a blogpost that has waited for a good time to be shared with our readers. From monasah: I was created with love.
The story of how I was conceived:

I was created with love. I was born while my dad was in prison. He was sentenced to spend 5 years in prison because he was part of a communist group opposing Mobarak and his regime.
When the verdict came, my mother was not in Egypt. Their friends managed to hide him away and bring them together before he goes to prison. Mama knew Baba will be away for years. They both wanted a baby girl and she thought that having a baby would soften the coming years with out him. So they hid away, took their time in creating me and in bidding each other farewell.
When they were certain my mother was pregnant in me, my dad went and turned himself in. [...]
Do something every day which honours women and brings each one closer to the respect of her human rights.

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