Saturday, 5 March 2011

"I was treated like a 'common' criminal..."

If MP Julian Fantino intended to elicit sympathy from the 'common' folks by whining thus, now there's a MASSIVE fail right there.
"I got the business on a number of issues ... on seniors not having adequate pensions (while) the minister for seniors has multiple pensions,” he says. “What does that have to do with anything?” Fantino asks. “I didn’t rob any banks. I didn’t steal anything.” [...]
“The other thing that grabs me is the immunity from accountability in the House,” he continues. “I’ve been called a few things and they’ve got protection. I’ve always found that kind of strange. It seems people in there can decimate your integrity, trample your good name, call you every awful name, accuse you of the most heinous things — and they do it with a straight face.”
Dey got no respeck for Duh Fantino ...

Really quite amusing, particularly as he's describing the tactics that HarperCons have honed and refined, using them repeatedly against Opposition MPs.

Irony has always been wasted on Fantino. The only thing slicker & thicker than he is - a BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.


fern hill said...

Pseudz couldn't post this so I'm doing it for him.

From a Facebook page:

Abuses revealed included OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino's threats to Shawn Brant that "your whole world's going to come crashing down", the orders to have snipers and armored personnel carriers on standby, and the presence of an undercover police officer posing as a media cameraman. The preliminary hearing also revealed that the OPP used an obscure section of the Criminal Code to implement an emergency wiretap of Brant and other Mohawks' telephone conversations, on June 28th, 2007, even though the National Day of Action had been publicly planned for months. The Crown went to great lengths to try to keep this critical information from becoming known and was successful in keeping the material under a publication ban for about a year. The release of these damning details prompted calls for the firing of OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino.

fern hill said...

Pseudz just emailed me. He wants to make it perfectly clear that he did NOT write that. It's from a Facebook page.

Orwell's Bastard said...

I can't believe the way you're slagging a dedicated public servant like Julian Fantino.

Why, next you'll be implying that he puts power ahead of principle!

[clutching pearls and looking for the fainting couch]

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