Friday, 11 March 2011

Headshot for Famous Deadbeat Dad Poster

It's never a happy moment when it's disclosed that a member of an admired cultural icon won't honour basic legal and financial commitments. From here:

Foley now owes $17,301.30 monthly toward his two children, who are both now teenagers: the $10,700 in child support agreed to in 2001, now raised to $12,301.30 to reflect cost of living increases, plus $5,000 a month toward the overdue $589,000 he already owes. [...]

Southey’s lawyer, Jacqueline Mills, said Foley also owes arrears for private schools, mortgage payments, health care and tutoring, although she added a precise figure for those expenses did not exist. “I have no comment on the scope of the payments, except that the arrears arose during times when Mr. Foley was making a very large income. Mr. Foley has tried to have the amounts changed a number of times, and after full hearings, his requests have been denied,” Mills wrote in an email to the Star. “Mr. Foley was ordered to provide details of his employment contracts. He has not done so, so we do not know what his income is.”

In McGuinty's Ontario, the situation for most women and men attempting to collect unpaid child support (and arrears) has not improved since Mike Harris was in power.

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k'in said...

Child support in Ontario is calculated based on a bland formula. No surprise since Premier McGuinty is a seriously bland dude.

This Foley guy should be eagerly supplying his paperwork to show that his income has decreased-easy, peasy.

Gotta wonder if he is enjoying the publicity aspect of this or something.

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