Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Funny Twitter Folks


My virtual roomie just blogged about a journalist named Andy Carvin, a *serious* Twitter person who tweets and retweets events as they occur in real time in Libya and other political hot spots and who provides links to news stories and people in the fire of action.

In addition to @acarvin, I also follow a variety of individuals who exploit Twitter's potential for delivering pithy and scathing political commentary.

@RagingTeabagger, for example, offers the above photo with a suggested caption: "Palin puts the move on Netanyahu's wife in a Bush/Merkel moment."

However, from Sara Netanyahu's vantage point, it might be possible to see The $arah's nostril hair, as well as the rest of her, becoming ever so wordly and savvy in diplomatic affairs ... NOT.


k'in said...

The Bibi/Bimbo Summit - The *real* March Madness!

Thinking that if I was Ms. Netanyahu, I'd be real tempted to put a lip-lock on Palin if she got up that close and personal. Kissing The Sarah would be light-year's preferable than listening to her prattling on - anything to shut that insipid trap closed!

deBeauxOs said...

Great strategy in principle, k'in but notice how Toddao is wearing one of those shit-eating "I like to watch" grins?

Creeps me out, actually.

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