Thursday, 31 March 2011

Did ALL Con candidates have to post $1000 bond?

Yesterday it was revealed that not only is the process to select Contempt Party candidates rigorously controled by the ex-PMO politburo, but that candidates also have to post a $1000. *good behaviour*, held in trust until the next federal election. Yes, you read that correctly - until the next federal election. One wonders: did Contempt leader Harper have to post this bond too? Or does it suffice that his physician provided an affidavit that Stevie Peevie is taking his mood-control meds regularly? How about Rob Anders? I'd bet nobody made the guy Harper describes as "as a true reformer and a true conservative" post that bond. So ... is there also a detailed pledge of *good behaviour*, a legal document that candidates must sign when they hand over their $1000? What's in it? No adultery, no necrophilia, no cannibalism, church attendance every Sunday ... what exactly must candidates do, or avoid doing to get their bond money back? It sure would be fun to get a copy of that document. Just saying.


fern hill said...

Another grand photo, dBO!

And yes, what exactly is 'good behaviour' to this bunch of lying, cheating, contemptuous yahoos?

Sixth Estate said...

$1000 really doesn't sound like a very large bond to ensure anything with. I'm a student and I could still (with some discomfort) cover that if I really wanted to.

Beijing York said...

You two are on fire with this election. The Contempt Party just keeps looking sleazier and criminal. Brava on the great reportage!

And that photo, dBO - priceless.

deBeauxOs said...

Another question: does the Contempt Party return that $1000 with interest accrued to the defeated and no longer running candidate?

There's a nice little $308,000. nest egg sitting there, if everyone posts the bond.

Kev said...

If someone defaults on their bond, does it then become a political donation, meaning we the taxpayer will have to subsidize it.

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