Saturday, 5 February 2011

Some Good News

It's a fact. Stephen Harper and his Conbots are delusional.
It’s widely said these days that Canada is moving politically to the right and that Canadians are becoming generally more conservative in their outlook on public matters.

It’s an assertion based sometimes on hope, often on conjecture, occasionally on fragmentary evidence, but never on serious facts and deep analysis. Indeed, the latest Focus Canada survey by the Environics Institute so completely demolishes the assertion that perhaps now it can be laid to rest.

Go read the whole thing. It will cheer you up.

Well, except for this bit:
The Harper government can take heart that 52 per cent of Canadians are satisfied with the country’s direction, compared with 40 per cent who aren’t. That’s the second-highest satisfaction rating (after China’s) in the world.

Well, and except for the fact that this news is based on sciency-truthy stuff, you know, that stuff that right-wing nut jobs are impervious to.


Beijing York said...

Hmmm, 52% satisfied with Harper's direction is somewhat troubling.

I figure it's probably because (a) they have been the least legislatively productive government in recent history, and (b) they are adept at manipulating the media and burying unsavory decisions (like job and program cuts).

The Mound of Sound said...

Do you think somebody could mail a copy of that to the opposition leader?

JJ said...

I wonder where this "Canadians are more conservative" meme came from in the first place.

Canadians aren't a monolith, but consider: over 25 years ago the PCs swept into power with a huge majority (x2), but for the last 5 years the CPC has been unable to get beyond minority territory. This almost suggests to me that Canadians may be getting less, not more, conservative. (On social issues, there can be no doubt of this.)

I do think that as we have more access to information, our suspicion & cynicism towards government is on the rise (and rightly so). And understandably, we're more concerned about the economy than we were 20 years ago. Maybe those perpetuating the "Canadians are more conservative" myth are mistaking these sentiments for conservatism. But IMO they cross all partisan lines.

ck said...

I'm reading Lawrence Martin's Harperland these days. He disagrees with Simpson's assertions. I haven't finished the book yet, (I'm on chapter 11 now), but sadly, so far, after reading Martin's arguement, I have to agree with him. the electorate has basically shifted to the right somewhat. It's been happening since 9/11. How else does ol' Stevie get away with what he's gotten away with? So far, what I've come away with is that Stevie being where he is today and having gotten away with what he's gotten away with seems to have been nothing more than luck and timing. Any other set of circumstances that have led to this point and timing, Stevie Spiteful would never have been leading the newly merged Conservative party, let alone be prime minister.

That said, I don't think (and I didn't get it from Martin neither) that prior to Stevie's election in 2006, Canadians were ready to shift to Stevie's far right, but they're beginning to with each passing day with the help of Stevie's kool-aid being served up in the right leaning media--it's being done artificially.

Wishful thinking is going to help matters here. The idea is how to prevent Canada from going even further to the right than it already is. More importantly (my opinion after reading what I've read so far in Martin's book) is how to get him out of office before he turns Canada into a dictatorship. Sound far-fetched? Not where Stevie is concerned.

I do recommend Harperland; while there are some yawner chapters, it is definitely an eye opener (so far).

fern hill said...

ck: These aren't Simpson's assertions. Is most recent of long line of regular polls on these matters. I think the reason Stevie Peevie is still PM is the fucking voting system plus voter apathy.

fern hill said...

JJ: Yes, people in general are pretty disgusted with politics in general. Stevie likes it like that.

deBeauxOs said...

Mound of Sound: LOL! You're just baaaad.

JJ said...

fern hill - Yeah, I would have to agree that he probably does, as long as the electorate's disgust manifests itself in low voter turnout (which always favours cons).

As someone who vacillates between considering rejecting my ballot, and then changing my mind when I see what the Egyptian people are going through just to get free & fair elections, I still think that it's wise for voters to be vigilant and suspicious no matter who's in power.

fern hill said...

Good point about Egypt and struggles for democracy in general. Worth trying some kind of creative 'get out the vote' campaign based on it, especially aimed at young people.

Beijing York said...

I often wonder if any party actually makes an attempt to get the poor to vote. Seriously, who actually makes sure to go to housing projects and shelters to make sure those citizens are registered to vote? Mind you, they have made it more difficult for many people to vote when it comes to ID requirements but there must be a way to help stop their disenfranchisement.

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