Friday, 18 February 2011

Should Oda go blonde?

This photograph of the Minister for International Bullying Cooperation, hiding behind her cloud of tobacco smoke (Rona Ambrose was busy elsewhere) went viral after the Odascam/Negate debacle broke in Canadian political news.

My advice to Bev Oda: lose the jet-black hair-dye. If you let it go, eventually you'll turn into a blonde because the fumes from the cigarettes you're chain-smoking will stain your hair yellow. (Ever visited a heavy smoker's den and noticed the patina of nicotine tar clinging to the walls and ceiling?) And Lord knows Stevie's HarperCons could use another diversion in the House of Commons.

Is there anyone proficient with Photoshop out there willing to show us what a blonde Oda might look like?


fern hill said...

Hey! It's fucking landlord beige paint.

deBeauxOs said...

LOL! It struck me, as I wrote the post, that some of my best friends as well as virtual roomies do indulge in this pleasure.

Mrs. Bitch said...

Yeah! What fern said! Not only that, when you move pictures and wall clocks and stuff around you get the added benefit of two-toned op-art walls. Show a little sophistication! ;)

Rona probably figures coloring her hair makes her look 20 years youn..... mwahahahahah! Christ, I can't even type that out without laughing. Never mind.

Mrs. Bitch said...

Oopsie poopsie! Meant to say Bev in that last para. Sigh.

Zorpheous said...

Roy Odason?
Oda Roy?
Roy Oda?

Niles said...

I'm unwilling to go after her for an addiction. If any of the rumours are true and she's falling on Harper's sword for him, just the way he likes it when he's done something that's gone public, I'd likely take up chainsmoking too.

Ok, I wouldn't, because I couldn't handle that kind of mental assault without a leap for sanity island, but I can understand one of his privy grooms desperate for stress relief.

The depressingly predictable thing about this is Harper's exploitation of women in his caucus and cabinet seems to underscore the tokenism of them being in positions of 'authority'. It's certainly bringing out the sneers about Harper using them as sops to mulitkult and for his effort, the ungrateful bi**es are knifing him in the back with their natural incompetence.

Given the draconian defunding of so many women's orgs, I sometimes wonder if he's deliberately using his 'girls' to undermine women as being seen as capable of leading, or if it's just a beneficial side-effect.

At this point, I'm concluding that the women in Harper's circle would rather cling to what power and money they've gained by his favoritism in the short term, and it must be a *lot* (even if it doesn't match what the male cronies are making). What sort of fear do they have about the world that they would rather support Harper's destructive energy, and with such subservience?

Harper's cabinet is a tour de force example of identified societal-minority reps being no natural hallmark of progressive, inclusive mindsets.

Anonymous said...

Ahem. Pale here.
As a blonde, of the real variety....Lay off the blonde slagging. Please? :)

deBeauxOs said...

By all accounts, Stevie Spiteful is a class *A* manipulator.

I'm sure the girls∕ladies∕dames in his Cabinet -as well as those out of it - would have fascinating stories to tell.

And pale, I have the utmost respect for natural blondes, auburns, & brunettes. It was the likelihood of image-shifting, albeit with the typical Faux cachet so beloved of Con jobs, that I intended as targets.

Anonymous said...

I am starting to think she's Harper's Yoko Ono. I can almost imagine him calling her last week and crooning..

If there's someone you can live
Then do so.
And if there's someone you can
Just shove out,
Then do so.

You can be my Yoko Ono.
You can follow me wherever I go.
Be my, be my,
Be my Yoko Ono

but in the style that only Harper can deliver.

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