Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Never responsible, always the victim - update.

$arah Palin, of course.

As others quicker off the mark than I these days pointed out, Palin and her sycophants produced this map, as well as reams of political eliminationist discourse directed at ideological opponents.

Palin has a history of evading responsibility for her actions, as well as shirking her obligations. Over and over, she's blamed others for everything that shines a spotlight upon her intellectual laziness, her egotism, the fabrication of her image and her greediness. Couric allegedly ambushed her; though she (and family members) preened in clothing and luxury items bought by the Republican party during the presidential campaign she refused to wear the issue; she abandoned her job as Governor of Alaska to pursue lucrative proposals yet said it was the media's fault she quit, etc. etc. etc.

Some political observers think Palin's bid for the presidency will be damaged by the Tucson carnage, others believe she'll bounce back.

Andrew Sullivan:

"There is no way to understand the politics of this without Palin. She has long been the leader of the movement that drapes itself in military garb, that marinates in violent rhetoric, that worships gun culture, that has particular ferocity in the state of Arizona, and that never ever apologises for anything." He adds: "My hope is that this horrifying momentary conflation of politics, guns and mental illness will lead responsible figures on the right to eschew the path of Palin."

David Frum:

[...] Palin's response – condolences to the victims and a simple denial of any responsibility – was perfectly fair in reply to opponents who suggested the crosshairs contributed to the shooting. But if she wanted to be a leader, she had to go beyond that, he said. He called on her to express real grief and sincere compassion, be visible, engage in the debate, and challenge opponents [...] "Palin is splashed by that history [the build-up to the Tucson incident] and the challenge is to find something big and generous to speak of in a larger way. So far, she has opted not to do so."

Expect the usual whining from Palin and her die-hard supporters. It will be difficult for Palin to spin that she is - not Gabrielle Giffords and the citizens killed or injured by the shooting - the "real" victim of this tragedy. Nonetheless she'll exploit her own brand of truthiness in her favour.

And also, go read Dr Dawg, Audrey II, Buckdog and Simon.

Update: Palin responds, not as Frum suggested, but in her habitual 'Pit Bull with Lipstick' attack form. Republican Jewish leaders choose to remain silent on Palin's opportunistic appropriation of the term "blood libel".

Grand merci to Jymm.


Jymn said...

It's remarkable in the wake of the Tuscon violence, the media's overdue calling out of the right's violent rhetoric and the sheriff's plain spoken truths, the right has doubled down its violent rhetoric and clothed itself in its all-too-familiar victimhood.

Is it that they are totally clueless? That they lack self examination? That they cannot be embarrassed by their own words and actions? Or, is it all of those?

I have a feeling the victim meme is just starting. Erick Erickson of CNN claims that religious people are being ruled by atheists because Obama held a moment of silence instead of a prayer at the Tuscon memorial. The weakness of will of these people and the total lack of morality is embarrassing to the rest of us.

What is it about these religious right fanatics that the truth only lies in what THEY believe and they will do ANYTHING to make the world know we are evil while they can say and do anything they want? It is not just a war with them - it is a crusade. You know what that means? Violence on an unimaginable scale.

deBeauxOs said...

Indeed. They do not believe in simply defeating their opponents in fair, democratic confrontations.

They need, and they want, those who do NOT agree with them to be gone. Banished. Forever.

Luna said...

If, as Sarah Palin says, crimes begin and end with the criminals themselves, then I think she just endorsed a ground-zero mosque, no?

Dana said...

Clearly you are unfamiliar with the psychology of the born again, fundamentalist movement.

They cling ferociously to Matthew 5:11 "God blesses you when people mock you and persecute you and lie about you and say all sorts of evil things against you because you are my followers."

That's from the New Living Translation of 2007.

In my childhood and youth I can't count the number of times that was the theme from the pulpit. Its a basic tenet of the movement that they are reviled and persecuted. Even when they're in the majority in a given community they'll roll this out as a way of reminding themselves how victimized they are. It never stops. Ever. Its an article of the faith.

Anonymous said...

then I think she just endorsed a ground-zero mosque, no?

Ow, that one left a mark

fern hill said...

Dana, thank you. That is enlightening. Article of faith, eh? Or, cognitive dissonance. Either one works.

We want these people anywhere near actual power?

Bleatmop said...

Palin supporters obviously have no problem with mob bosses. In the voice of The Godfather:

"I didn't do anything. I just posted her name, where she lives and put a cross hairs over her. Then I told my faithful followers not to retreat, but instead to reload. How was I supposed to know that a bullet would go through her head?"

Anonymous said...

If she believes her words have no impact, then why does she speak? Why doesn't she STFU?

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