Thursday, 13 January 2011

More police ...

Incompetence? Laziness? Inability to respect protocol? Decisions based on wrongful prejudices?

Whatever it was that caused police officers to behave inappropriately when called to a hotel room, it could have resulted in a woman's death - had forensic technicians not quickly and expertly assessed circumstances to be quite the opposite of what cops "believed".
Police say they received a call from a staff member at the Days Inn on Gordon Street, who believed a woman was dead in a room. Police arrived and determined the woman as deceased, sealing the room to protect the scene.

However, police say that forensic investigators later found the woman was alive but with very faint vital signs. She was then taken to the hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

If this woman had died because cops failed to request medical assistance - who would be held liable and responsible for their actions?

Not the cops - it's never their fault, is it?


Niles said...

I saw that episode of CSI...

deBeauxOs said...

Life - weirder than fiction.

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