Friday, 21 January 2011

It's NOT the fetus-fetishists' fault!!!

In the comments after fern hill's excellent blogpost yesterday, I speculated about the way SAINTE-NITOUCHE would respond to the story.

So. Not a MASSIVE shriEEEk, but a tedious, drawn-out whi-eeiieeii-ne that defies logic.

No link provided to HER blathering, as SHE redirects incoming visitors to HER favourite glossy pix of fetal pr0n taken from medical textbook illustrations and menstrual detritus. Navigate over there at your peril.

Shorter Blob Blogging Wingnut: We fetus-fetishists want abortion to be illegal and criminal. Not our fault if those evul sluts suffer pain and death because we keep shriEEEking our lies as loud as we can. Not our fault if competent physicians are terrified to provide medical services to women in need.

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