Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Deliberate hoax or political spin?

From here:
After two suspicious packages were delivered to Sen. John Cornyn's (R-Texas)offices in the Dallas area on Wednesday, local station CBS 11 reports that bomb squad technicians detonated the two devices.

According to the Texas-based outlet, the office space was evacuated after the mail arrived.

Shortly thereafter, CBS11 said that no explosive or incendiary materials were discovered in the packages.
Wait a minute! How can a package containing no explosive or incendiary materials be detonated? Could they mean 'disarmed'?

OK. To recap, testerical staff in RepubliCon senator's office believe packages are *suspicious* (no return address?). They call the bomb squad - so now rightwingnutz can claim their politicians are also targets.

Nyah, nyah.


doconnor said...

A common procedure when dealing with something believed to be a bomb is to blow it up. That way you control when it goes off. In this case, it didn't turn out to be a bomb.

Anonymous said...

pale here. LOL.

Ya, when they see a suspicious package, they blow it up.
This can include toy robots, backpacks left at a bus stop etc.
They actually use a robot often enough to do the detonation.
I personally think that they just like to blow shit up.

This is a funny story..Its been on the ACR ticker which I do need to change....Hmmmm.

Luna said...

I agree, they just like to blow shit up.

I was flying out of Denver in Sept 2001, like 3 weeks after the disaster. It was awful. The line was so long that the wait times were about 5 hours to get through the line. Anyway, a lady about 50 people in front of me, but right beside me (because the line snaked) had to pee. She left her bags with the people behind her and left. Within minutes, security was there asking whose bags they were. No one stepped up. I tried, but because I didn't know her name, it wasn't good enough. They took her bags and blew them up. She wasn't gone 10 minutes. By the time she found security, they'd been detonated. She was SO MAD. OMG. I'm surprised they didn't tase her.

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