Sunday, 12 December 2010

Who Da Scarediest Cabinet Minister?

CBC's The Current has a list of cabinet ministers who have declined and accepted requests to participate.

Here are the top four refusniks. Which is the refusiest?

Guess first, check the link after.

Vic (The Adulterer) Toews

Jim (I'm Outta Here) Prentice

Lawrence (The Loose) Cannon

Peter (Crybaby but in a Macho Uniform-Wearing Kinda Way) MacKay

Follow-up question: Are they more scared of Anna Maria Tremonti or The Voice? I've met The Voice. Definitely scarier.


deBeauxOs said...

Ha! I figured it would be 'MeeMoe the Mime' Cannon. On Radio-Canada, the most commonly said sentence uttered in the same breath as his name is: "M. le ministre Cannon n'était pas disponible pour répondre à nos questions."

En anglais: Cannon is not speaking to the press.

berlynn said...

It's gotta be tricky Vicky Toews, doesn't it? And I'm certain he'd think The Voice is the Debbil!

Beijing York said...

I needed to see how scary The Voice might be. Check out this movie trailer at the :43 mark.

I think Cannon probably hangs out with biker/tattoo artists so maybe he fears Tremonti more.

fern hill said...

Good find, BY. And he's about 7 feet tall.

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