Friday, 17 December 2010

The Thick and the Brain-Dead.

One would think that the odious little pedants and sycophants who were appointed to the board of Rights & Democracy by Stevie Spiteful might have learned their lesson.

But it doesn't seem to have registered with the organization's current president Gérard Latulippe, who can be heard in this Radio-Canada interview regurgitating the same manure that Aurel Braun spread last year even though the Deloitte and Touche forensic audit, thousands of of R&D dollars later, does not support their tawdry attempt to smear Remy Beauregard.

And so chialeux et rechignant, he is. You'd think that someone who just enjoyed an all-expenses-paid sojourn in Ottawa, on the tax-payers' dime would be less whiny.

Mind you, Latulippe and Braun's bivouac in luxurious accomodation near Parliament Hill was a set theatrical piece, a veritable Lobsters' Quadrille played to perfection. We predict the "scoundrels" who are attempting to run Rights and Democracy into the ground will never appear before the House of Commons' foreign affairs committee.

More about the "scoundrels", here.

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