Saturday, 4 December 2010

Con blue sweater has officially jumped the shark. (Update)

Too much of a very baaad thing, I'd say.

And doesn't Fuzzy Fantino look absolutely overjoyed in this photo op?

After the by-election results were confirmed, k'in - a loyal reader and clever commenter - observed at Bread'n'Roses:
Is there room in the Con party for two dictators? I just can't see Fantino sitting down and shutting up and hiding out in the box where Steve keeps Cheryl Gallant. He doesn't take orders, and Steve doesn't tolerate insubordination. Plus the Cons have become scarier with this new addition. Even Blatchford (!!) doesn't support Fantino. Hopefully this much touted breakthrough in the GTA will backfire. Two fascists, three (Harris) stooges, and a bunch of refoooorm party leftovers. That's your "new Canadian government" folks!
Expect more of the Con 'Stupid On Crime' blather, with extra-super authoritarianism.
Update: Scott Feschuk has uncovered young Julian's tough-guy letters to Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.

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