Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Only in Canada You Say?

I was just at Lee Valley. (Sweetie, stop reading NOW.) While I was waiting for the guy to come back with the thing I wanted, I noticed a bucket full of these little gizmos on the counter.

What the heck are they? I wondered. Then read.

Well, of course, they are Rim-Rollers!
This product makes it easy to check for prize statements hidden under the rims of paper coffee cups in various contests. Essentially a curved clip with two integral (covered) blades, it slices the cup rim twice (1-1/8" apart) when pushed down, and an internal lip unrolls the paper edge when it’s pulled up. Push, pull and you’re done. 2" high, 1-1/2" wide, with an attached split-ring.

The blurb on the bucket wasn't nearly as fulsome as that, just pointed out their purpose and that they were invented in Ottawa.

I was laughing when the guy came back. He told me he'd had a customer from somewhere in the Excited States, who, after being enlightened as to the gizmo's purpose, asked: 'Why in the world would anyone want to roll up the rim on their cup?' The Lee Valley guy had to explain the whole Timmie's thing to him.

I love Lee Valley. Go read the whole description of the gizmo. I mean, only a Lee Valley copywriter could stretch a write-up of a rim-roller to that length.

I might go back and buy a few (more than 5 and they're only a toonie each) to send to friends and family in the US.

(Sweetie, you didn't stop reading, did you? Ha. You are not getting a rim-roller.)


Kim said...

I love Lee Valley too! But not a fan of rolll up the rim, creates way to much garbage!

Beijing York said...

Lee Valley tools is the best.

Hmmm, wonder if US customs might have issues with these gizmos (covered blades)?

fern hill said...

Ooh, hadn't thought of that BY.

Almost makes me want to buy one to see what it can do.

But then I was the kid who read 'will not cut hair or skin' on my Snippies and then promptly gave my little sister a haircut.

I know. You're terribly surprised.

fern hill said...

In deleting and reposting to fix tpyo, the link to Snippies got lost.

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