Sunday, 21 November 2010

Lying Liars as Mentors and Role Models.

Who knew that our very own undeclared emperor Stevie the First has the occasional moment of modesty and self-effacement?

DJ! has concluded that there's a second training program unfolding in Afghanistan, one that Harper's New©™ Government has had to keep MASSIVELY hush-hush for security reasons.

Since we don't know what the ReformaTory name is for this program, we'll call it the Lying Liars' Mentoring Program for Politicians.

While Karzai could certainly teach Stevie a thing or two about bald-faced lying, the Nouveaux Cons©™ have much to share about systemic obfuscations and fabrications.

More about that other training mission which Stevie Peevie's Politburo, aka the PMO, is promoting.

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