Monday, 8 November 2010

Feminist Sarah Palin

This is fun.

Remember when women in general and feminists in particular were being taken to task for not automatically supporting Sarah Palin because she has a uterus?

Remember all those tedious opinion pieces about whether Sarah should/could call herself a feminist?

Well, it seems that she has gone too far with this fake feminism meme for her base base.
Last week on Fox News, Palin praised Geraldine Ferraro for "breaking the glass ceiling," saying that ”Neanderthals” focus on issues like whether mothers should work outside the home, which Palin says is “petty, little, superficial, meaningless." Ferraro, who ran for U.S. vice president alongside Walter Mondale in 1984, was criticized at the time by Catholic bishops for her pro-choice stance.
. . .
Over at the blog Thinking Housewife, Laura Wood isn't too pleased:

Palin says she cheered Ferraro when she ran for vice president, as if every female candidate feels automatic solidarity with any other female candidate. How “great for our nation” it was that Ferraro ran. Golly gee willickers. The supposedly pro-life, small-government Palin applauds the efforts of someone with an entirely different political philosophy simply because she is a woman.

Golly gee willickers. Sarah supporting a woman 'simply because she's a woman' is WRONG but that's exactly what her supporters demanded of progressive women and feminazis.


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