Saturday, 27 November 2010

Enemy, enemy, who is the enemy? An addendum.

If you're a cop: the public and all civilians are THE enemy.

Ottawa's police chief says he knows the public will be shocked by a video the courts released Thursday showing police pinning down an innocent Ottawa woman and cutting off her shirt and bra with a pair of scissors.

"I understand that Ottawa residents will be shocked by the video," Chief Vern White said in a statement on Thursday.

If you're Blob Blogging Whinger ... well settle in, cuz it's a loooong list.

  1. Everyone who doesn't believe gawd speaks through pope Maledict and his Vatican Taliban.
  2. Feminists (see above).
  3. Anyone who responded with outrage to the systemic cop-initiated violence against Stacy Bonds but doesn't run screaming into the streets when SHE posts glossy fetal p0rn0graphy and/or SHE shrieeks about the BABEEZ! Butchered! In. Abortuaries!
  4. Medical professionals, because they provide science and fact-based health care services which are BIASED against BABEEZ!
  5. The mainstream media because Bill Whatcott is just like folksy figure Johnny Appleseed.
If you're Stevie Spiteful: the world's his enemy - except for whatever remains of his formerly terrorized ReformaTory caucus members and a few kool-aid-drinking sycophants.

For bad measure and your consideration - Kathy Shaidle. OK, Five Feet of Feces is more of a pro-active hater and bully than victimized by enemies, but she deserves to be mentioned, if only because of this and more recently, this.

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