Friday, 26 November 2010

Bill Whatcott = Whaaaat????

SUZYALLCAPSLOCK has posted a trailer for a documentary on fetus fetishist/homophobe/former gay prostitute and all-round whackjob -- yes, he has a wiki page -- Bill Whatcott. (You can watch it here.)

This is her comment:
I've never been a fan of his methods. But I agree with his message. I also believe he has the right to free speech.

Someday he'll part of Canadian folklore, like Johnny Appleseed.

Which cracked me right up.

The remark seems to have merely perplexed commenter hemmingforddogblog.
You lost me. What does a Canadian homophobic nurse have in common with a guy from Ohio who planted apple seeds?

SHE hasn't responded to that yet. I'll keep you posted. This should be good.

(No link for the usual reason.)

ADDED: I'm trying commenter Saskboy's solution to links to HER being redirected to fetal gore. For the curious:


saskboy said...

Does Google give pagerank if you simply post the URL as plain text for the curious? That's been my solution when referring to some sites that I'd rather not give link-love to.

fern hill said...

It's not the pagerank that's the reason. It's HER juvenile habit of redirecting links to fetal gore pr0n. I'll try your solution.

Beijing York said...

Seems Johnny only spread apple seeds and renounced marriage to women (after being spurned). He was also a devout Christian missionary.

fern hill said...

Thanks for that link, BY. Johnny Appleseed was a more complicated character than I knew. But not nearly as complicated as Whatcott.

Audrey II said...

Just to let you know, SUZANNE has her twitter account automatically tweet bit-shortened urls to her posts. Since she can't redirect traffic from her twitterpage (roseblue), what I've started doing to link to her posts is just linking to the specific tweet of hers that gives the shortened link to her post.

Here's an example. Yes, it's two clicks removed, but it does the job.

fern hill said...

Audrey II, that's cool. Hit HER from HER own Twitter page. Thanks.

Bina said...

"Part of Canadian folklore"? Like the Dustbin of History, more like it.

berlynn said...

What? Twitcott isn't in jail? Jeebzuz, he's a whackjob if ever there was one.

And SHE doesn't know the difference between hate speech and free speech, eh? Oy!

JJ said...

Bwahahaha! Johnny Appleseed?? More like Johnny Fap-Fap-FAPpleseed! (Or at least Johnny CRAPpleseed.)

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