Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Pot. Kettle.

This cracked me up.
Yesterday we posted about a viral video clip of people walking on water that that a local news team mistook for being true. Today we’ve got another story to go in the “always check your sources” file. The Sensacionalista, a Brazilian satirical news site (think a low-scale Onion written in Portuguese), posted a story last week about an American woman who claimed she was impregnated by a 3D porn film. The quirky joke was soon being reported all over the internet as fact. And, this time, it wasn’t just some local affiliate news program that got duped; the popular tech site Gizmodo took the bait as well!

Go read the whole hilarious thing.

Mediaite is sure right about this:
The funniest part of the whole incident is the tone that most of these news articles took in reporting the story. Nearly every one insulted the “husband” for being stupid enough to believe such a ridiculous tale.

Now what is it they say about the pot calling the kettle black?


Anonymous said...

Congrats Ladies! Your the best! Don't think I didn't notice eh. XXOO

stageleft said...

Does this have implications for the "VD from a toilet seat in a public washroom" idea my mother told me about when I was 14?

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