Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Boyos Will Let Us Play! UPDATED AGAIN

In the comments to my snark about the ongoing lack of a Feminism category in the Canadian Blog Awards, this year's organizer offered to put Feminism right into round two, if someone would provide him with a list of Canadian feminist bloggers.

I sent him to last year's F-Word Awards but those are just the winners, not all the nominees which would constitute a pretty good list of Canadian feminazis.

So, anybody got a list of nominees from last year? (I've emailed pale to ask.)

Failing that, we could make the list here.

I'll start:
A Creative Revolution, who, by hosting the F-Word Awards, put themselves out of the running for awards.

Unrepentent Old Hippie, who was deemed insufficiently feminist by last year's Special Expert.

Sister Sage.

Sabina at News of the Restless.

I'm on a borrowed computer and might get kicked off it, so that's all for now.

Please continue.

And many thanks to Jonathan Kleiman, obviously a peach of a fellow and our kind of guy.

UPDATE: Time being of the essence, I combined the finalists from the last F-Word Awards -- thanks, pale -- with the nominations here and sent it to Jonathan. There were 26 blogs altogether. THEN I read the rulz. Maximum 12 nominations. Uh-oh. Emailed him back and apologized. I don't know what will happen next, but I'll let you know when I do.

We feminazis are pains in the butt, aren't we. :D

MORE UPPITY-DATE: That Jonathan is fast! Here we go -- Feminist Blog Awards.


Antonia Z said...

Well, Dammit Janet! of course.

the regina mom said...


fern hill said...

Hee. Antonia Z at Broadsides. ;-p

fern hill said...

And the regina mom.

fern hill said...

Luna at Feminist Christian Socialist

Beijing York said...

Hey, what happened to 9ft Jesus?

fern hill said...

Here she is -- Of Gods and Monsters.

Luna said...

Thanks Fern! I'm flattered.

Antonia Z said...

hysperia when she blogs

(sorry dunno how to do html here)

Jymn Parrett said...

I think the initial list proposed Fern Hill is a solid beginning. I would add Creekside, Broadsides, Challenging the Commonplace and of course Dammit Janet.

JJ said...

Good work, squeaky wheel!
(And thanks for the nod.)

otto said...

News of the Restless is a good nomination

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