Saturday, 2 October 2010

Boy Howdy!

Read Travers and then the comments. Many of them bear eloquent witness to this:
Canada has a new Governor General and an old problem. In replacing Michaelle Jean, David Johnston, a lawyer and teacher, inherits a Prime Minister and country in desperate need of a civics lesson.

Question: Do Canadian schools teach civics? I don't think I ever got an explicit course or lesson in it. Merkins sure do. Not that it takes with most of them.


Mandos said...

I had a class in it in high school but that I think is now officially considered A Long Time Ago.

Beijing York said...

Or, more radically, she might have told him to find another Conservative leader able to restore Commons confidence.

If only this had happened. OMG, how would the new leader have been chosen?

I don't think there would have been a single Conservative MP who could have kept Parliament or the public's confidence and the party might have been decimated in a subsequent election.

As for civics courses, I don't think there were any when I went to school. Only those who took Canadian history were exposed to how our system differs from the US. However, I think this was a compulsory course.

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