Monday, 13 September 2010

Why so grumpy?

Cat got your tongue, Stevie? Didn't you like the "surprise" your Québec MPs pulled on you, dressing up in Les Nordiques hockey sweaters?

Gosh, there's just no pleasing you these days. The brown-nosers and yes-men in the PMO (aka Stevie's mini-politburo) are indulging your every whim, and yet you're still peevish?

Perhaps this response to that purportedly "favourable" Ernst and Young report is rattling you a wee bit?
I was not at all impressed by the Ernst & Young study, which concluded that the project would be “profitable” – but only on the assumption that governments provide full funding for the construction as well as the repairs and renovations that will be necessary over the next 40 years. That’s a deceptive way of putting it. The conclusion should rather be that the project is simply not profitable and will constitute a financial burden for taxpayers for decades to come, even in the best scenario. That’s why not a single private player has been found to invest in it.
Oddly enough, 'Mad Man' Max didn't show up for the hockey sweater photo opportunity - did he?

Just keep looking over your shoulder, Stevie. Maxime may be on your team, but it could be that he's playing a different game strategy.

Contrast Bernier's attitude with Vic Toews'.

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Beijing York said...

“Whatever the leader said, I stand behind what the leader said,” Toews said.

What a toady.

Toews is the brown noser who also has his eye on the prize. Not sure if I'd want him as a successor either. Frankly, they are all idiots.

Let's hope these cons don't become the natural ruling party.

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