Thursday, 9 September 2010

Slap into Action Campaign

We at DJ! get more than a little miffed at charities that, well, lie and cheat and pursue purely ideological goals -- often misogynist and anti-gay -- on our dime.

Like getting involved in politics, either in the US to crusade for removing abortion services from health care, or here to sneak their 'social values' into ReformaTory policies.

Like lying to and manipulating women seeking abortion but who wander into
crisis pregnancy centres/fake abortion clinics.

And like being economical with the truth about the activities of a beneficiary (a fake abortion clinic) of a hockey fund-raiser.

And, of course, the entire misogynist, anti-gay, pedophile-protecting Catlick Church.

Here's another one. An outfit, Exodus Global Alliance, with charitable status in Canada, has the purpose of 'curing' gays through prayer and lard-knows-what-else.

Mark, at Slap Upside the Head, got interested when he read that the group had had its charitable status rescinded in New Zealand. (Good on the Kiwis.)

Research ensued. Then ACTION! Lots of detailed information about Exodus, charitable status in Canada, what to do and who to write to, here at the Slap into Action page.

Charities get special tax status if they can show they are producing a 'public benefit'. If you agree that trying to 'cure' gays is a public evil, find out more and join in the campaign to get these sumbitches off the pubic tit.

h/t Bruce at Canuck Attitude.

* Image courtesy of Mark at Slap Upside the Head. All rights reserved.


Pseudz said...

I think this link may work better:

Who and how could this outfit have gotten charitable status in the first place, anyway? Whim?

It would be interesting to see the support material that got past any (even casual) sniff test for public good.

How many other cultish org.s are supported by public funds?

fern hill said...

Link fixed. Thanks, Pseudz.

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