Friday, 17 September 2010

More USELESS blathering from Blob Blogging Wingnut

SHE who sits in judgment upon all those who do not share HER religious beliefs has decreed that protests against pope Maledict's presence in England and Scotland are USELESS.
"Naturally, there will protests against the Pope on his State visit to the UK.

Can someone tell me what exactly the purpose of these protests are? What exactly will these protests accomplish?

Do these protesters genuinely expect the Church to change her stance on birth control and homosexuality? In any future century?

Don't hold your breath."
Nobody's holding their breath SUZIE CAPS-ON, but many are holding their noses shut while Benny Ratzo spews his rank and fermenting doctrine.

So, why is Maledict not visiting Ireland? Such a catholic country ... would protests regarding the Vatican Taliban's shameful record in allowing the clergy to perpetrate decades of child physical and sexual abuse be EMBARRASSING?

Nonetheless, protests in North America have proven useful for disclosing thousands of cases of priests' pedophilia, and forcing the catholic church to deal with the grievous harm their clergy has done to families and children.


JJ said...

Shorter SUZANNE to disgruntled Catholics: STFU

Let's see if I've got this right... since there's only the faintest of faint hopes that the church would ever change any of its medieval doctrine, the faithful should STFU and reduce that faintest of hopes to no hope at all.

Good post, dB.

the regina mom said...

Should've added the blob blogging wingnut to the lists I posted earlier today...

deBeauxOs said...

LOL! that was a perfect 'shorter', JJ!

TRM, thanks for the link to those lists.

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