Wednesday, 8 September 2010

"Honour" killing and the men who enjoy writing about it.

J. Kay, for instance.
I am hardly the first pundit to bemoan the lack of Western feminists who’ve shown any interest in this gendered genocide. Most are too busy denouncing the phallocentricity of free trade and unregistered guns to mourn the killing of 20,000 women every year for the crime of falling in love, having boyfriends, bearing children — which is to say, being human.
And you're hardly the only lying prevaricating dickhead schmuck to proclaim this as though it were self-evident.

When we've blogged about "honour" killing we observed that many men who commit these atrocities justify their actions by invoking the patriarchal 'honour' codes of their own religious, political or cultural ideology beliefs.
Not all of the killers, it should be emphasized, are Muslim: There are some Christians and Hindus in this mix.
What? No jewish "honour" killings? Perhaps you should check in with jewish feminists - if you're on speaking terms with any of them - to find out what forms of femicide occur in strict Orthodox groups.

In previous centuries, the Vatican Taliban validated acknowledged "honour" killings by elevating to sainthood some of the women murdered - and only if it could be proven that they were still virgins.

So I say this in the most respectful & concerned way: Go fuck yourself JK. It sounds like you need a good one and since most sane women wouldn't touch a hateful gynophobe like you with a ten-foot pole and your mama Barbara would rip your balls off if she learned you purchased the services of a sex worker, your options are: one or both hands.


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Nice smackdown, dBO!

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Oooohhh!! I don't think the Mama Babs cut the apron strings to this day

Dr.Dawg said...

Well smote, to coin a phrase.

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