Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Wow. According to Kady's liveblog, KKKory Teneycke just resigned. No reasons given, no questions taken.

Of course, people are wondering if this has anything to do with a potential investigation into the sabotage of the Avaaz petition to stop Fox News North.

ADDED: ReTweet from Antonia Z.

UPDATE: Ricken Patel of Avaaz responds.


Nadine Lumley said...

blaha a halh ah ah ah


p.s. Harper's wife Laureen is cheating on Harper with a female RCMP mountie. Seriously that should be made into a rap song, no?

Pseudz said...

I hope that one of these loose cannons will actually manage to crash a hole into the CPC hull - preferably below the waterline.

Chet Scoville said...

Now, come on. It's wrong to take pleasure in the misfortunes of others.




I'm a bad man. I'm a bad, bad man.

Skinny Dipper said...

I hope we don't see Kory on CBC's "Power and Politics" or other CBC news programs.

Beijing York said...

What a beautiful day! Even the sun is shining :-)

Boom Boom said...

nah nah nah nah - hey hey hey - goodbye!

Dr.Dawg said...

Ach! Der Schadenfreude, es brennt!

Winnipeg Dad said...

Does this mean Charles Adler is out of a job too? Today's Winnipeg Free Press reports that right-wing radio pundit Adler, who was polluting the local airwaves for years before he went national, was to hold a press conference with Teneycke today at Winnipeg's CanWest Park to announce his signing with Sun TV. The co-host was to be our very own Mayor, Sam Katz, owner of the Goldeyes baseball team that plays at the the park and currently running for re-election. Of course we 'Peggers know Katz is a Conservative stooge, and the local Sun has been vigorously slamming his opponent, former NDP MP Judy Wasylycia-Leis, but still - when the tentacles of the octopus reach into your own pond, you start to wonder what's going on.

MgS said...

I'm expecting Teneycke to appear somewhere again - likely as not turning up as Harper's puppet in an appointment to some conveniently vacant directorship in the government. (CRTC perhaps?)

Zombies like Teneycke don't just vanish...

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