Thursday, 5 August 2010

Stoopid on Governance

Remember this? It was yesterday.
"We don't govern on the basis of statistics," Nicholson said. "We govern on the basis of what we hear from the public and what law enforcement agencies tell us. That has not changed in the four and a half years we've been in government."

This is today.
A newly released government poll suggests most Canadians don't see crime as a big issue -- even as the Conservatives press on with their get-tough agenda.

When asked in January which issue the government should focus on most, only one per cent of people answered crime.

So that's the public heard from.

As for listening to law enforcement agencies, have a look at this website devoted to supporting the long-gun registry that the ReformaTories are so hot to kill.

Here are the first three organizations listed:
The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
The Canadian Police Association
The Canadian Association of Police Boards

Not paying any attention to the people, the experts, or the facts. That's our Conservativacy of Dunces.

(Psst, sister and fellow bloggers: You think the Opposition War Rooms are keeping tabs on us? They bloody well should be, we're doing all their research for them.)


Connie said...

Rob Nicholson is the biggest douche in the House of Commons. If I could get the time off work, I'd go help the Liberals in his riding during the next election!

fern hill said...

Jeez, Connie, I dunno. He's got some stiff(?) competition for Biggest Douche Award. How about Jason Kenny? John Baird? Tony 'Steamboat' Clement'?

Me, I'd go with Permanently Angry Boy Baird.

Beijing York said...

They are all useless tools. Damn, I wish we could erase the last five years. Hmmm, make that 15 years but especially the last five.

croghan27 said...

Well said, BJ .. .the Liberals were just as desssssssspicable .. but they were .. "nice" about it.

Luna said...

I think I might cheer myself up by making a poll. This could be fun. Especially if I allow write-ins. :)

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