Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Sheep Look Up. . .

. . . or at least at YouTube.

Seems Chet was right. Commenting on my despairing post on this poll, indicating that 73 per cent of Canadians were good with the G8/G20 police state, he said:
Most people thought the War Measures Act was justified when Trudeau used it. It's early days yet.

That poll was published on June 30 (doesn't say when it was taken).

Here's another poll -- albeit online -- going on right now.

The figures are completely reversed with 72 per cent now saying that the police response was not appropriate.

We've got to keep up the pressure. And make sure the shit lands where it should.

Right here:

Update from deBeauxOs: via a tweet from A_Z, a news item says an independent civilian inquiry into G-20 police tactics has just been approved by the Toronto Police Services Board.


Niles said...

Apparently, that reversal doesn't include Monte Solberg. The link to the story includes an op-ed column from him harpering on about the horrible thugs that incited the police and goes on to devolve into tea partier frothing about how arrestees need to stay in jail for a loooong time so they're required to sell their Michael Moore dvds etc.

I'm sure he realizes he's Canadian and not American and I'm *sure* he doesn't represent any attitude at the PMO, being a *former* Con MP. nopenopenope.

wv: amess. It surely is.

Pseudz said...

What teeth hath this (just announced) Inquiry? It appears to me that there were many instances of very enthusiastic individual Police attacks on the bodies, minds, and civil rights of law-abiding protesters.

Other more coordinated power manoeuvers appear to have been ordered by folk 'up-the-chain-of-command'.

This looks to me like precisely the reason we have a Charter. What form of inquiry can assess the umpty evidence available against the values and rights coded in our Charter.

There must be consequences for breaches of Charter Rights. Is a Judicial Inquiry the tool?

Or must the Police be sued for damages?

deBeauxOs said...

Both, I would say.

Thor said...

CBC poll now shows 74% believe the police response at the G20 protests was inappropriate.

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