Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Newsflash: Will Munir Sheikh spill the beans? (updated)

Who would have thought that of all the Harper New©™ Government departments and agencies under the thumb of Stevie Spiteful, StatsCan would prove to be the one to precipitate such a vivid public uproar?

Ever since the PMO tried to sneak the cancellation of the long-form census questionnaire by publishing furtively in the Canada Gazette during the G-20, every day has brought fresh hell to the Harperites.

In the last dramatic twist, a cryptic note from StatsCan chief bean-counter Munir Sheikh to his staff presages nothing good for Stevie and his bullies.

Unless they get him to STFU by bribing, blackmailing or terminating him with extreme prejudice.

Update: Munir A. Sheikh is a man of few words and great honour. Watch in the comments section of various media - the CBC, Globe & Mail, NatPost, etc. - how knuckle-draggers and zealots on the Con payroll use this opportunity to vent their islamophobic rage. In order to get their munee, the Reformatory minions, orcs and astro-turfers have to do their job.

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