Monday, 19 July 2010

It's all fun and games for the Cons until Stevie throws a temper tantrum.

Tony Clement, a minister of the cabinet (and perpetual bridesmaid Con leadership candidate hopeful) grovels to keep his job.

Maxime Bernier, an ex-minister (and self-projected putative dauphin) brown-noses to get his old job back.

These two, and all ReformaTory members of Parliament, are in thrall to Emperor Steve the First. When first informed that data or facts could not be provided, tweaked or procured to support his policies, Stevie Spiteful declared that henceforth there would no longer be a long-form data collection process at Statistics Canada.

And, as our savvy commenter Niles pointed out here, there is no originality or content in the Con "brain trust". Harper is cannibalizing the achievements of previous PMs and repurposing their shine to disguise the cavernous depths of his ideological depravity.
"We can create a country built on solid Conservative values, not on expensive Liberal promises, a country the Liberals wouldn't even recognize, the kind of country I want to lead."
Given his track record on spending Canadians' money, Harper isn't leading the country, he is eating it.


Niles said...

I see that Impolitical keyed on the same "I don't think that means what you think it means" hook I did, but as usual, wayyyy better and likely done while awake.

I wonder if the comeback from the Cons is going to be simply ignoring the cognitive dissonance required to stitch PET's famous words into this without actually invoking PET as a Good Lawmaker TM, or somehow they'll just double axle down a half pipe to turn it into "so if you're Liberal you have to agree with us that it's bad nosiness, or you're a hypocrite".

I'd like to hear Justin Trudeau come out on this one.

Regarding the person who is in legal straits for refusal, I have to agree I don't like census stuff being farmed out to foreign private interests to do the work.

But, for the rest of it with the incoherent whining about invasive you have a dental cavity, you have to pull all of your teeth en masse to ensure no more cavities?

Baby Accountability going out with the Tea coloured bathwater.

deBeauxOs said...


I was going to put "MASSIVE temper tantrum" in the headline then realized that every tantrum of Stevie's is MASSIVE.

Niles said...

He did it...Bedroom Eyes Bernier admitted in public, he doesn't have the thousands of emails he allegedly received complaining about the census long form. Seems he left them at his ex-GF's place too.

Ok, that was unfair to the unfortunate ex-lover, but seriously, do these Righteous Men In Charge spend five nanoseconds on how asinine they're going to sound when they come out with these things? He ignored the emails at the time because they were part of some 'organized' movement and they were subsequently deleted because....drum wasn't important?

I am cynical enough to not believe this is a tipping point, but wouldn't it be Canadian if the *census* is what trips these maroons.

deBeauxOs said...

Yeah, I saw that at Challenging the Commonplace and at first thought that Chrystal Ocean was spoofing Bernier.

Then I clicked on the link, then another and holy sh*t ... those thousands of emails are non-existent. Well, perhaps they were relocated to an alternate, Con version universe.

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