Thursday, 22 July 2010


Long-gun registry. Long-form census.

Could it be that the loathsome ReformaTories are intimidated by anything long?

What's next? Long division? DJ! is accepting suggestions.


WILLY said...

Hmmm, happens a lot with the diminutive dangler crowd.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I've got one, it's between my legs :)

Thought it would be best if that came from a gay man like me.

Niles said...

The long jump will be eliminated in the Olympic funding. (unless it's switched to be off a short pier)

Other than that, I think the Cons are done like dinner on this. BNN, that cable bastion of leftist hysteria, had the prez of Ontario municipalities, the prez of Canadian independent businesses and the prez of Canadian federation of university teachers all on a panel under the heading 'why is the census important'. Paraphrased, it was 'is Harper on drugs??? Where did this come from? How idiotic!' They were all giving examples of how they use it and why voluntary won't cut the mustard on what they need and how there *aren't* substitutes, even lesser ones, to turn to in compensation.

CfSR said...

Long walks, short piers?

Anonymous said...

As self-serving as this government is, long-term memory will be next.

Gary S said...

Harper has backed down on the long form census.

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