Saturday, 3 July 2010

Harper Giveth - And Taketh Away.

MONTREAL - Federal Heritage Minister James Moore came to Montreal on Friday to play Santa, announcing that the greater Montreal area is the recipient of $20.2 million in arts and culture spending to be spread among 111 arts, heritage and community projects.

The announcement was made during the Montreal International Jazz Festival, not coincidentally one of the two largest beneficiaries.

From here. In addition, Moore delivered the following message:
« Le gouvernement Harper tenait à donner ce fort appui à la culture parce que c'est important pour notre économie,» a dit James Moore.
The Harper government is giving this support to culture because it's important for our economy.

The Harper government. This timely largesse fits the PMO's Message Event Proposal template perfectly.

An MEP template typically includes the following subtitles: Event, Event type, Desired headline, Key messages, Media lines, Strategic objectives, Desired soundbite, Ideal speaking backdrop, Ideal event photograph, Tone, Attire, Rollout materials, Background, and Strategic considerations.
One doesn't need to be a communications expert to grasp the explicit message in Moore's media stunt.

Montréal: good. Toronto: bad.

As for the "desired soundbite", did Stevie's stooge slip up - or not - when he got that 'Harper government' key phrasing in there?

In Stevie Spiteful's and his bullies/boot-lickers' universe, the choices and preferences are clear. Individuals are for him or against him.

And just so one doesn't forget what the ReformaTories' base actually think about culture, let's watch the brilliant Culture en péril again, shall we?

For those curious about the content of Santa Moore's bag of goodies, here's the list. More about Harper's government use of MEPs, here.

Grand merci for the graphic, found in
Amanda Woodward's gallery.

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