Monday, 7 June 2010

Where's Steve-o?

So, where is Motherhood Steve?

Not here.
The Washington meeting, titled Women Deliver, is timed to bolster the G20 agenda for pumping up funds for maternal health. There are 3,300 advocates and politicians attending from 140 countries, including the heads of major UN agencies, government ministers, parliamentarians, celebrity campaigners and former heads of state.

“It is a surprise that Stephen Harper didn’t come,” said Women Deliver president Jill Sheffield. “He and Laureen Harper were invited and they didn’t even reply. This is his legacy issue. We thought he might at least have sent a message.”

Didn't even reply.
“It’s really astounding,” said Maureen McTeer, a women’s advocate and wife of former Tory prime minister Joe Clark. “Historically Canada has been looked up to in the world, because we believed in issues like this. But (Harper) can’t even take a one-hour flight to Washington to show his solidarity with the world’s women. By not going, he is taking a negative stand.”

. . .

Canada’s presence in Washington so far has been limited to NGO efforts. International co-operation minister Bev Oda, who made a last-minute agreement to appear at the conference, will join a dialogue Wednesday with Tore Godal, a special adviser to Norway’s prime minister, and leader in the campaign for reproductive health. But the Prime Minister’s place at the table remains empty.

Any questions?


deBeauxOs said...

Empty shirt ... shouldn't that be in an extra-extra large size - to fit Stevie Spiteful's MASSIVE ego, of course.

the regina mom said...

McTeer? Woo-hoo! Long time no hear from her...glad to hear she's now chiding the Cons!

Anonymous said...

There is an interesting debate on the Munk debates sight, between Jane Cawthorne, author of the Abortion Monologues, and Andrea Mrozek, pro-life mouthpiece. It can be found at Please have a look and give Jane your vote.

Fillibluster said...

Way to rock the women's vote Harpo!

Pseudz said...

Thanks Fern Hill - the Women Deliver website is terrific - rationality in action.

BTW, how many votes from his, aptly named, base are Stevo & BevOda actually courting here in Canada with their 'No Abortion Funding' policy?

The Munk Debates site is also dandy. Thanks, Anon.

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