Thursday, 24 June 2010

Radical Anti-Harper Group Strikes Again

CRUSH, that radical anti-Harper group, has done it again! Just in time for the billion-dollar boondoggle, we've raised enough dough to put an ad in Saturday's Globe and Mail.

Here's Pam Allard, one of the admins making the announcement:
Because of the generous support and commitment of our members, we are pleased to announce that our latest ad will appear in the Focus section of the Globe & Mail on Saturday, June 26th to coincide with the G8/G20 summits. This ad will stress the economic mismanagement of the Harper government surrounding these summits.

We should all take great pride in this achievement!

It's the ninth ad in what we hope will be a snowballing crusade.

Catch up with the achievements of the totally grasssroots, multi-partisan, all-volunteer gang here. Donate if you can. And check out the de rigeur protest gear.

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Anonymous said...

We love our Fern ♥

You’ve been hit by the ►►►
| Truck | ‘|”"”;.., ___.
|_…_…______________===|= _|__|…, ] |
“(@ )’(@ )”"""""""”"""”"*|(@ )(@ )****(@ )

C.R.U.S.H. - Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper

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