Saturday, 5 June 2010

June 5: Kill the Pill Day

In the midst of perhaps the worst-ever environmental catastrophe, the fetus fetishists are jumping on the enviro-bandwagon.


Stirring their usual brew of prurience, misogyny, and homophobia, the batshitcrazies are linking the evul birth control pill to intersex fish. Poor fishies turned gay by feminazis killing their pre-born one-celled eggs bay-beez!

And the target audience of batshitcrazies are eating it up, so to speak.

Dig this from a Freak named Hodgson:
The Pill has done more damage to Western Civilization than Hitler, Heroin and Pierre Trudeau combined.

Woo. More damage than PET! That's saying something on the Dark Side, where PET is evul incarnate.

So, to recap: the pill kills bay-beez, turns fishies gay, outstrips a genocidal fascist, a drug, and a Canadian PM in destruction and, of course, 'harms' those vulnerable women the fetus fetishists are so keen to protect as long as they're preggers.

Funny. The sciencey-facty folk at the British Medical Journal reported just the opposite. In a MASSIVE study that followed 46,000 UK women for up to 40 years, here's the conclusion:
Women in the UK who have ever used oral contraceptives are less likely to die from any cause, including all cancers and heart disease, compared with never users.

There are many potential reasons for that result, of course: more contact with the healthcare system, less exposure to the dangers of pregnancy and childbirth, higher income, and so on.

But primarily, we would humbly submit, because these pill-popping women have avoided the toxic and life-threatening effects of consorting with batshitcrazies.

Hm. Maybe I'd better stop visiting the Dark Side.

But not just yet. BONUS lunacy from Hodgson, who asks:
If abortion is made illegal again, would we retroactively round up every woman who's had an abortion in Canada and jail them?

We're talking millions and millions of people!

Also, all the doctors and nurses who participated would have to be tried.

Well, first, butthead, the entire legal system would have to be turned inside-out in order to prosecute people retroactively.

Ah. Hodgson has a kinder, gentler side. Viz --
If abortion is made illegal again, I would recommend amnesty for practical reasons.

But a particularly loathesome character over there named Edward Kennedy has no such wussy inclinations:
...with exception...the workers of iniquity who knew it was murder but practiced it for the love of the damned dollar should be prosecuted and partlal [sic] birth abortionists executed.

Remember, they call themselves 'pro-life'.

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