Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The invasion continues.

25 years ago, when gay icon Bette Midler married Martin Von Haselberg, she would joke that she and her husband enjoyed kinky sex. "I dress up like Poland and I ask him to invade me," was her provocative one-liner, meant to underline their geo-political and cultural differences. As far as I know, they are still (heterosexually) married.

Neither Bette nor Martin will be speaking at the mini-G-20 Alison writes about at Creekside. In fact, there are no women in the line-up; only the voices of male, pallid-skinned, rightwing fundamentalist christian (and a token non-perfected jew) zealots will be heard. Karl Rove. Michael Coren. Grant Jeffrey ... Canada's "most prolific" writer? Snerk. News of Margaret Atwood have not reached inside Dokter McVety's protective bubble?

Some do enjoy the smell of fire-and-brimstone in the morning.

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