Monday, 28 June 2010

I am Spartacus!

I'm (somewhat) Italian. I'm of a certain age. Ergo, I wear black.

But wearing black is a provocative act in today's Toronto.

Via Stageleft, we learn that even the neo-cons get hassled when wearing black. (And they don't like it. Hee.)

So. I propose that tomorrow be Men and Women and Children in Black Day. Everybody wear black. Even if you're not in Toronto.

I am Blackacus!


the regina mom said...

Geez, fern hill, I dunno. It's supposed to get to 32 degrees here tomorrow. 32 degrees and black clothes could make the regina mom a bitchy regina mom.

Say, didja go protest?

Mike Brock said...

It's funny that you think that my critical disposition against state authority is somehow a new development as a result of my encounter with the police last evening.

Of course, you might want to peruse my Twitter feed ( going back before the summit actually got under way.

Or read this article I wrote in August 2009:

Or this article form March 2010:

Yeah, totally neocon. Thanks for the link, though.

fern hill said...

Mike Brock: No, I hadn't read anything you've written. I just considered the source. ;)

Now I have. Man, your commenters don't like you much.

fern hill said...

TRM: Yeah, I did, on Saturday. At Queen and Spadina, where the argy-bargy was beginning, I turned north -- as did the sensible people -- and went home.

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