Wednesday, 9 June 2010

3 points about this putative Lib/NDP merger.

1. It's an awfully messy and convoluted way for the Libs to dump Iggy, doncha think? I thought their backroom boys kept a stash of well-sharpened knives for any and all occasions.

2. Math deficiency meets magical thinking. What strategist in his or her right mind would assume that the outcome of a Lib/NDP mashup would equal the sum of their polling numbers? NDP's 17.4 + Lib's 26.2 = 43.6 .... who's been smoking crystal meth?

3. "Secret" talks are usually kept in the backrooms. There's a whole lot of yapping going on; loose lips sink ships. The usual suspects may be deliberately trying to scuttle Iggy's leadership but the potential for this bad science project to blow up whatever is left of the LPC should be an urgent concern for any rational thinker who hasn't deserted. As for the NDP - does anyone there with two brain cells to rub together think this will enhance their credibility with voters? Are they simply so thrilled they're being courted by The Big Boys that they've taken MASSIVE leave of any good sense they may have once had?


WILLY said...

Putative another new word for my vocabulary.

Sane points brought up in your post also.

I even like the graphics.


deBeauxOs said...

Je vous en prie. The pleasure is all ours.

Those are complimentary words indeed, as your own caricatures are quite splendid and pointed.

fern hill said...

Damn. There's something wrong with me. That's the second time in the last little while that I've hit the 'reject' button instead of the 'publish' button. This time I did it to Mark Francis. I'll go chase him down and apologize and get him to redo his comment.

Sorry, Mark. Sorry, deBeauxOs.

Simon said...

hi deBeauxOs... I think you're a bit too categorical, or focused on the short term picture. Because the essential mathematics remains the same. A divided left versus a united right, means the Cons can use wedge issues and stay in power for forever. And besides who's to say that a new party might not attract Green and even Bloc supporters?
The best thing about this merger mess? The more people talk about it, the more normal it will seem.
Some day... :)

deBeauxOs said...

Simon, I'm not against the potential for the Libs and the NDP to work together. That seemed more likely before Iggy became the leader of the LPC and disowned any possibility of working as a coalition to legally remove the Cons from government.

The high drama of both leaders proclaiming there's no talk of mergers juxtaposed against Kinsella waving an affidavit around is truly pathetic.

Berlynn said...

But the Nanos numbers tell a different story and are, usually, a more reliable statistical poll to follow.

29.2 + 20.7 =

50.1 which,

I'll grant you is not quite

50% + 1. But, hot

damn! It's starting to look

bad for Stevie, don't ya think?


Berlynn said...

Sorry, forgot the link to the Nanos poll PDF.

Wardof theState said...

I am very suspicious about the legitimacy of this secret public pact. Methinks it could be a pre-election trial balloon, rather than a serious coup.

ck said...

It's hard to tell who's lying and who's telling the truth. The latest, is that in addition to the dinosaurs of Romanow, Chretien and Broadbent, Joe Clark appears to also be involved in those talks according to an affidavit from former Liberal, John Mraz. I'm finding the idea of Joe Clark involved in any of this hard to believe. He teaches at McGill University these days and he really isn't in public life anymore. In fact, we asked him to speak at the Montreal CAPP rally; he declined or never answered us. Either way, he didn't even show up. And now, he, a former leader of the now defunct PC is involved in NDP/liberal coalition talks?

We also have to wonder: Apps is supposed to step down soon; Kinsella more than likely has an axe to grind with Iggy for having been let go.

Both Iggy and Layton are vehemently denying, according to an article in the Montreal Gazette this evening.

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