Saturday, 29 May 2010

Yo! Iggy!

Time to grow a pair! Now!
New Democrat Leader Jack Layton taunted his Liberal counterpart Michael Ignatieff Saturday to vote against the Conservative government's "Trojan horse" budget legislation.

Layton argued there was "no way" Prime Minister Stephen Harper would allow his government to fall ahead of next month's G8 and G20 summits, and so would be forced to negotiate with a united opposition.

"The opposition has the opportunity to do some tough bargaining with Mr. Harper right now," Layton told The Canadian Press.

Please, Liberals, write, phone, fax your guys and gals. Make them see the light. Please.


Dukeboy said...

Yes, Michael, it is time you either stand with the Canadian people or be complicit with Harper in hoisting this abomination of a budget upon us. Your choice. We have watched your ratings in the polls wither each week and if you vote with Harper on this omibus budget,and against the people, the people will NOT forgive you. You will be tarred with the same brush as Harper. Should you elect to stand with the people, those same people will stand with you and work to defeat Harper shpould there be an election!

Jymn Parrett said...

Iggy is a professor, not a politician. He lacks the stones. Would make a decent GG, though.

fern hill said...

No, he's not a pol. But why wouldn't he take advice? Much as I dislike Iggy, I don't think he's stupid.

Jack's right. There is no way Stevie Peevie is going to risk his billion-dollar photo op on a measly little election. Man up, Iggy.

CfSR said...

Unless Layton's prepared to whip NDP MPs on the fake private member's gun registry bill, he has no lessons to teach anybody on leadership.

Alternatively, he could admit that he can't deliver NDP votes to protect vulnerable women and kida.

In either case, we'd all be better of if he just went away.

fern hill said...

CfSR: I vote NDP. Hell, I've even volunteered and given money, but Jack has been as fucking useless as Iggy.

The point is Harper is so fucking awful that partisanship has got to go for at least the short term.

It is totally beyond me why the parties can't see it.

CfSR said...

So we'd be better off if they both went away?

I could live with that.

Luna said...

fern: I agree with you totally. I'm an NDPer, and though I've voted Liberal once (I'm in a swing riding, and the lib beat the con by about 50 votes), I'm pretty dedicated to the NDP. But Layton drives me absolutely nuts. I'm sure he was an excellent municipal leader, but he is not a federal man.

And Iggy? Iggy can DIAF. I cannot stand the sight of that man. He is Harper lite. He's creepy and annoying, and doesn't have the spine to be leader of his party, never mind leader of the government.

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